AML, KYC and CTF Procedures

These procedures (the "Procedures") apply to your access and/or use of the Internet website (the "Website") offered and featured by Economix Trade Limited, its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Economix " or "we" or "us"). Registered users of the Website may purchase digital currencies using the platform available through the Website (the "Platform"). You ("User" or "you") may only use the Website and the Platform in accordance with the Terms of Use.

As part of our commitment to combat financial crimes, we have implemented procedures and systems aimed at allowing us to identify and mitigate the risks our Website being misused for illegal purposes. These include our AML, KYC and CTF procedures, which are based on our collection of information about our users, the assessment of AML/CTF risks associated with their activities, and the ongoing monitoring of transactions made by them.

Where we have any suspicion that our business relationship with you, or a specific transaction which you wish to make, involve any risk of money laundering, terrorism financing or any other financial crime or prohibited activity, we may, at our sole discretion, refuse to accept you as a client, terminate any engagement with you, refuse to process any transaction, and take any other action we deem necessary, including reporting our suspicion to the competent legal authorities. We will not be obligated to inform you of any such action we choose to take, nor to provide you any explanation of our reasons for taking them or for our suspicions.

For the purpose of conducting the abovementioned checks, we may collect certain personal information about you, either from you (e.g. passport, proof of address, source of funds and other supporting documents) or from external sources. Any such information about you shall be kept and utilized in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By making any use of the Website you represent and warrant that all information provided by you to us is correct, accurate and complete, and explicitly consent to the collection of additional information about you from third-parties, including financial and credit institutions, governmental authorities and external databases.

These procedures are conducted by a Compliance Officers and a MLRO, who are also responsible for: interpreting regulatory rules; implementing rule and procedural changes; reviewing risk assessment programmer; non-real time financial promotion approvals; liaison with the FSC and regulatory bodies; regular reporting to the board and the FSC; overseeing the administration and adjudication of complaints and data protection.

The Compliance Officers is entitled to interact with law enforcement agencies to prevent any money laundering, terrorist financing and other illegal activity.